Longfor, for Me Forever


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Longfor Group offers unfailing care and support to talents and employees, and defines its employer value proposition as "Longfor for Me Forever" . It is our wish that employees can work with professional and efficient teams, so reliable partners give employees professional happiness under the flat organizational structure. In the cultural atmosphere of straightforwardness and low power distance, employees communicate professionally and work intently. Our employees enjoy a wide range of humanistic care and work happily under the comprehensive salary and welfare system.

Longfor, for Me Forever

In keeping with the value proposition of "Longfor for Me Forever" , Longfor has always put staff care into concrete actions. With an all-inclusive care system and humanistic actions, the Group assures employees of a sense of happiness and belonging in their job.

During the pandemic, Longfor has carried out the enterprise spirit of "for employee" to extremes. The administrative department staff were vigilant at the onset of the epidemic, purchased masks, infrared thermometers, and other materials in the first place, and distributed them to front-line posts to protect the staff on duty. After the outbreak of the pandemic, all business segments across the Group quickly set up a security team, strived to do all kinds of protection work to ensure the health and safety of every Longfor people.

Longfor, for Me Forever

Disinfection and sterilization in the workplace

Meanwhile, we have made guidelines on pandemic prevention and publish them instantly through the online public account. In addition, we had released tips and reminders on personal protection, some dos and don'ts for home and workplace movement, psychological health, and every detail in the first place.

Longfor, for Me Forever

News of pandemic prevention guidelines

Longfor, for Me Forever

Graphic-text of the guideline

With the spread of the pandemic worldwide, the Group actively looked at the overseas colleagues, provided real-time information, and tracked the flight status to help the partners go home. In terms of supporting services, Longfor HR and Longfor Administrative, two virtual characters, were on hand to answer every questions and consultation from employees promptly; for information security, Longfor Law Q&A was launched on the first day of telecommuting, published detailed business guidelines in succession, and offered legal courses...

Following the mission of "for you forever" , Longfor has created an all-inclusive care system featuring warmth and support for employees. Whether in their life or their work, Longfor will always be with employees and consider what they need indeed.

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