Residents Rest Assured in the Funky New Community


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The "Better Home Initiative" , an annual program of Longfor Group, has been carried out in nearly 20 cities and 200 Longfor communities for 70,000 families across China since May 2020, making a difference in the owner's life in a familiar yet new way.

So far, Longfor has invested over 100 million yuan in the "Better Home Initiative" since its launching for nine straight years. The program has two special actions plan: Community Improvement Plan and Home Maintenance Plan. The Community Improvement Plan is designed to beautify the ecological environment of the residential park and create an ever-changing outdoor interactive space, while the Home Maintenance Plan is aimed to improve the home appearance of owners and improve the quality of indoor living.

Improve community to look as beautiful as it was

Any community will inevitably see a residential quality decline as time flies, and the owners also experience falling satisfaction. However, for Longfor, old communities built over ten years ago look younger. In the past nine years, Longfor has been maintaining and renovating the aged community through the "Better Home Initiative" , adding new functions in the public area, and providing Longfor residents with a home that looks beautiful as it was.

Residents Rest Assured in the Funky New Community

Longfor Chunjiang Land, Hangzhou (delivered nearly 6 years ago)

As a comprehensive action to improve the community environment, the "Community Improvement Plan" involves community landscaping, sports and fitness, convenience and welfare, children care, and park space. In Xi'an, we solicited suggestions for community maintenance and reconstruction from all Longfor residents, and owners were responsive to that; in Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Shaoxing, Zhejiang, nearly 100 space were renovated in 17 communities, including 69 installed landscape lamps, 5,500 meters renovated road, 4,500 square meters embellished wall and upgraded intelligent facilities in 12 projects; in Longfor Island City, Xiamen, some "scarred" trees were repaired with vivid paintings of little cute animals, which beautified worn-out tree holes as unique attractions in the park...

Inspired by the "better home initiative" , a growing number of owners actively participated in the community development, brought a newer outlook to the community with their actions, and made the space warmer.

Residents Rest Assured in the Funky New Community

Better Home Initiative — facilities maintenance

Benefit residents with the home maintenance plan

Longfor offers maintenance beyond outdoor space, the "Home Maintenance Plan" serves every family in the community. The plan includes eight service packages, namely, cleaning and maintenance, problem inspection and overhaul, household appliances cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, protection against home loss and water leaks in the rainstorm.

In Chengdu, Longfor cleaned drainage pipe in the kitchen, cooker hood, air conditioner pad, unblock floor drain, and sterilized the house for 3,500 homeowners in 19 communities; in Dalian, the plan re-waxed the entrance doors for 630 owners in 5 communities...Throughout the country, tens of thousands of Longfor residents will enjoy free services such as lampblack machine cleaning, floor drain cleaning, marble maintenance, private garden management, high-rise glass cleaning, floor maintenance and waxing, free medical consultation, knife sharpening, and acarus killing of sofa mattresses.

Residents Rest Assured in the Funky New Community

Customized home maintenance service for Longfor residents

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